NGF pledges D25, 000 to Mozilla Club of Hackathon girls

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Next Generation Foundation (NGF) has pledged a sum of 25 thousand dalasi to Mozilla Club of Hackathon girls, who specialized on information and communication technology. The money is meant to address some of their problems ahead of their upcoming summer camp.

The handing over ceremony of the cash was held at the President’s International Awards (PIA) office in Bakau on Monday.

Lamin Saidykhan, NGF operation manager, revealed that they signed an a Memorandum of Understanding with Hackathon and they now wants to foster the relationship by sharing mutual understanding in education and youth activities. He added that they have been helping groups and organizations especially in education.

“ICT is now a global agenda and we have to know the negative and the positive sides of it because the world is on the move. We need to support people like you and will keep supporting good initiatives like yours.  We support a lot of schools with learning materials and others,” he stated.

He continued; “NGF is registered to achieve coordinated and credible advocacy for the rights of all to achieve good quality and relevant education for all and to enable effective and positive participation in national development processes.”

Founder of Hackathon Girls, Juma Baldeh explained that she came with the initiative to help Gambian girls. “We are teaching them to be safe online because we have seen many people who use the Internet and computers, but they don’t know the things involve. We will guide them in making their work easy and for them to be enlightened more on their professor,” she said.

Madam Baldeh reiterated that Hackathon is a free programme for girls, targeting to help them become equipped in ICT. 

Author: Pa Modou Cham