NFTR members meet Timber dealers’ chairman

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Members of the Network of Financial and Tax Reporters (NFTR) recently called on Lamin Barrow, chairman of the Association of Wood Re-exporters and Forest Users in The Gambia at his West field office.

The courtesy visit is to formally introduce the newly created Network. The discussion which last for hours, centered on crosscutting issues, where they can collaborate so as to support and launch the Network. The Network will be conducting documentary on finance and related matters.

President of the Network, Abdoulie said the Network would serve as watch-door between the government, business operators and the community to ensure fair play between in the payment of tax.

He said one of the activities of the Network is to engage tax awareness campaigns for business entities to help government plough back taxpayers’ money into development projects and programmes.

Timber dealers’ chairman Lamin Barrow said he is hopeful that the Network will play a pivotal role in financial reporting and tax awareness. “My Association is not only out to make profit but to also compliment government efforts in providing support to the less privilege.” 

Author: Fatou Komma