Newspaper Publishers Association of The Gambia (NEPA) PRESS RELEASE

Monday, December 03, 2018

The Newspaper Publishers Association of The Gambia wishes to express its profound sorrow and regret over the death of their colleague, Mr Swaebou Conateh last Wednesday.

Mr Conateh was the proprietor and publisher of the Gambia News and Weekly Report. His demise comes after a long illness.

Mr Conateh, who studied in the United States is apparently the first Gambian to have returned to The Gambia with a degree in journalism. Since his return more than four decades ago he had occupied the position of director of information and broadcasting. He then headed the Pan African News Agency before taking up international appointment in Southern Africa and upon his return home he initiated his weekly magazine, Gambia News and Weekly Report.

Swaebou’s demise is a great loss to the media. He has done a lot in training journalists and was particular about their professionalism. We know him as a courageous and ardent journalist and publisher who struggled for decades against all odds to ensure free media in The Gambia. Difficulty in climbing stairs or moving from one place to another due to illness did not deter him from attending meetings and meeting colleagues to network or discuss issues. He did not allow his illness to transform him into a lame duck.

We shall always remember him.

We wish to express our heartfelt condolences to his entire family.

Adieu Swaebou! May you rest in peace - Amen!