New Yundum VDC secretary says they would continue dumping at identified site

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

The Secretary General of New Yundum village Development Committee (VDC), Malang K.K. Bojang, in an interview with The Point has said that the community of New Yundum will continue dumping at the community’s only main dumping site situated around the airport unless there is a permanent solution that addresses waste management in the area.

Mr. Bojang’s remarks came after a press briefing organised by the government on the recent airport bird strikes alleged to be caused by indiscriminate waste dumping activities of communities around the airport.

At the briefing, the government alleged that the recent bird strikes could perhaps be caused by waste dumping activities of communities around the airport. These communities include New Yundum and its surroundings.

According to Mr. Bojang, since the inception of the village, that particular area has been identified as a dumpsite for the community and its surrounding villages.

Mr. Bojang challenged local authorities (council) that it is the responsibility of the area council and the civil aviation authorities to come together to find a lasting solution to the issue. He added that the New Yundum community has no other alternative area to dump waste.

“If the authorities are saying that the recent bird strike at the airport is as a result of waste dumping; then the government and the area council should try and find a suitable area for these communities to dispose their wastes,” he added, pointing out that if nothing is done, they would continue to dump their wastes.

Mr. Bojang finally accused airport authorities for having a dumpsite inside the premises of the airport, arguing that can also attract birds to strike.

Author: Yusupha Jobe