New water borehole inaugurated at Gunjur Kunkujang

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Director of water resources Lamin Mai Fatty, last week presided over the inauguration of a new water borehole facility at Gunjur Kunkujang.

The project was sponsored by British couple philanthropists Mike and Bridgid who are members of the Lions Club in the United Kingdom, through Kebba Cham, a former member of the club.

Director Lamin Mai Fatty advised the Village Development Committee to put measures in place to protect the borehole and to ensure its sustainability.

He described water as a key fundamental element in human life and one of the country’s new government priority areas.

The village development committee secretary Musa Jatta acknowledged the couple’s support towards the development.

Bridged said she was delighted for been able to contribute in providing clean water to the community of Gunjur Kunkujang.

Alkalo of the village Bakary Janneh thanked the donors, saying it would facility easy access to clean water for the beneficiaries. Nikki Peter, the couple’s daughter expressed her family’s joy for been able to play a vital role in changing people lives.

Omar B. Jammeh, the project focal person commended the Lions Club of UK for complimenting government efforts.

Sibi Janneh, who spoke on behalf of the women showed their gratitude to the sponsors, saying they are the vulnerable and major users of water in the community.

The Majority leader of The Gambia National Assembly Kebba K. Barrow thanked the donors for providing clean and safe water to the people of Gunjur Kunkujang, describing water as an essential human need.