New tomato factory to create 6000 jobs

Thursday, August 30, 2018

At least more than 600 job opportunities for Gambians will be created after the commissioning of a new tomato paste factory in The Gambia by GACH Global Group.

The two hundred and forty million dalasi project is expected to create value chain, reducing post-harvest loss and as well as reducing the dependency rate and unemployment in The Gambia. GACH global tomato paste industry is the first in the country, which is built to empower youth and to stop them from illegal migration.

At a recent press conference held recently in Banjulinding, Alaige Sillah, managing director of GACH Global Group, thanked The Gambia government for providing the enabling environment for business to thrive in the country.

Sillah equally thanked the minister of Trade and partners, saying this massive investment in The Gambia are for the people of the country and the sub-region. 

Abubackar Jawara, CEO of GACH Global Group said the multi-million dollars investment would go a long way in tackling unemployment in the country, saying their dream is to supply other African countries with what they produced here.

Jawara maintained that this is the first step because they import jam outside the country, noting that their plan is to get raw materials into the country.

 He indicated that not every tomato can be marked as tomato paste and that is why they want to bring ingredients from China,

“We are working with other organisations to implement our project next year, and we want to bring seed and fertilizer to teach the local farmers on how to do it and once their tomato is ok, they could bring it to the factory. And if they are willing to work with us, they can produce more tomato as they can, because one hectare can produce 90 to 100 tons of tomatoes,” he said.

Author: Sanna Jallow