New Release: ST’s ‘FUWAREYAA’

Friday, September 28, 2018

The 2015 Wah Sah Halat artiste of the year Music Award winner ST Brikama Boyo has released a new single called “FUWAREYAA” (Poverty).

The song, which is widely acclaimed as a hit   single was produced by a Senegalese international music producer, No Face Undercover (NFU) talks about social issues in The Gambia like low salaries coupled with extended families, people working hard with minimum salary wages.

The lyrics also talks about unemployment, high cost of basic commodities with high dependency ratio among Gambian society. It also added that the poor cannot afford daily meals because the price of rice is so expensive.  “This song is a hit song as it convey powerful messages affecting society, this is what we expect from our artists to speaks for the people,” said a young poet Modiwriter.

The song is expected to be in ST’s upcoming album set to release on December 1st 2018 at Independence Stadium in Bakau.

About ST

Sanna Singhateh, popularly known as   ST (Brikama Boyo) aka Gambian Dream, born in The Gambia in 1986 is a Gambians afro-manding hip hop singer born and raised in Brikama, Gambia.

He started rapping after completed his high school level of education in the 2006 at Nusrat Senior Secondary School as a commercial student in 2006 and released his first recorded single called “Who is ST in the same year.

Since then, he continued to work harder and gather lyrics until February 2010 when he had produced and launched his first mixed tape called “Ga On Fire”.

 In 20111, ST went on to release and video clip another hit single called “Adiyata Telleyeh”.

In 2013, he released his debut album entitled “Distinction”, contained 14 tracks made him out performed all other rappers in The Gambia by virtue of the numerous hit songs it contained.

Some of the hit songs are “Ganstar Way”, “Wat U Gon Do”, “Dara Du Doi”, “Suma Haftan”, “Njunku”, “Brix Boy Swaggin”, “Malaria”, “Baby love”, and Super Model”

However, “Njunku” another global hit single of his, which entirely talks about violence perpetration in the midst of a troublesome fellow, won him an award in 2013 as the fastest growing online and best video in The Gambia by Gam-Music Awards based in UK.

 In both 2013 and 2014 December, he was recognized and awarded as the best performer of The Gambia’s biggest annual musical event “Open Mic Festival”, which is yearly organized by Black Lynx Promotions at the Independence Stadium.

In mid 2014, Brikama Boyo again released another hit song entitled “Aling Domo” which eventually became a global hit single and a favorite to so many music enthusiasts, also won him the best song of year 2014 in The Gambia by Purely Gambian entertainment award.

In 2013 his album ‘Watotijay’ In 2015 ST won the Artist of the Year and Album of the Year categories, and also took the award for Song of the Year for ‘Tass Deka Bi’.

Author: Njie Baldeh