New Khalif General of Tijanniya visits Gambia tomorrow

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The recently installed Khalif General of the Tijanniya brotherhood in Senegal, Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour, arrives in The Gambia tomorrow, Thursday, sources at the Senegalese embassy in Banjul have said.

The Khalif will participate in the annual ‘gamo’ organised by the family of the late Ousman Jeng, who was representative of the late Elhadj Malick Sy in Banjul.

The official launching ceremony of the gamo will take place tomorrow 9pm at King Fahd Mosque in Banjul.

Aside from the participating in the gamo, the khalif will hold meetings with high dignitaries of The Gambia and Senegalese community in the country.

Nicknamed the “Guardian of the temple”, Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour, is the son of Serigne Mansour Sy Malick and grandson of El Hadji Mawdo Malick Sy, the illustrious guide of the Tijanniya brotherhood and caliph of Cheikh Ahmed Tidiane Chérif in Senegal.

Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour, 85, succeeds Serigne Abdoul Aziz Al Amine, who passed away a month ago. He is the 7th khalif of the Tijanniya community.

Author: Amadou Barry
Source: Picture: Serigne Mbaye Sy Mansour