NDMA boss: No support is adequate in times of disaster

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Sanna Dahaba, chief executive officer of National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA), has affirmed that no support is adequate when it comes to disaster.

Mr. Dahaba made this statement at Touba Wuli during a tour with the National Assembly Select Committee on Health, Children, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief in CRR and URR regions where they visited disaster areas hard-hit by the windstorm early this season.

“Any disaster, government is the principal duty bearer because when this windstorm happened, government contributed immensely with other international partners as well as other local philanthropists,” he said, adding that NDMA provided 130 packets of corrugated iron sheets and 84 bags of rice, which he believes had obviously changed the face of the community.

“When I came here newly, we couldn’t believe the kind of devastation that we found here, but all these houses you can see today are with new corrugated iron sheets, and this happened through the intervention of the government and the NDMA.

He said government could not do it alone, and the amount of damages we recorded, the resources government could provide focuses on mitigation mechanism.

Mr. Dahaba said the next step after the tour “is to share whatever findings we gather here with the International partners and then report back to government,” noting that NDMA mobilises resources both internally and externally to support those communities who have not received any assistance and share that with the National Assembly to provide a frontline in terms of advocacy for the agency.

Hon. Fatoumatta Jawara, vice chairperson, National Assembly Select Committee on Health, Children, Disaster and Humanitarian Relief and also the lawmaker for Tallinding Kunjang, said the purpose of the tour was to get first hand information of what has happened there and some other areas that were affected.

“So as lawmakers, we should not just stay at the office, we need to come out and see the areas that were affected and how to map out the crisis,” she said, adding that from there, the committee would write a report that would be tabled before the National Assembly. She said that they would also task NDMA and the government at large to give a supporting hand to the communities of URR and CRR.

Author: Njie Baldeh