NCP urges gov’t to empower citizenry

Monday, August 06, 2018

Yahya Sanyang, interim leader of The National Convention Party (NCP), has said that they are ready to challenge all other parties in merits and constructive ideas.

He made these remarks at the party’s press conference held in Wellingara on August 4, 2018.

Mr. Sanyang pointed out that their mantra for success will be proactive, adding that they will ensure that the interest of the masses of this country is upheld.

He noted that they will accept and applaud any good thing that any party initiates. However, they will also criticize any party that they think is doing something inimical to the interest of The Gambia.

He said poverty is increasing in this country and they want a government that is serious about a development agenda for the people of this country in order to improve their lives and livelihoods.

Education is the foundation for the development of any society and the quality of education in the country was not encouraging, he pointed out. He further said that the health sector lacks the required equipment and drugs to treat patients.

He urged the masses to change narratives, saying the government should empower the people of the country to take control of the national economy so they can take a lead in the economic affairs of the country.

“NCP has a more serious agenda and we won’t leave any stone unturned,” he signalled.

Womem mobiliser of the party, Mariama Jammeh said the party was formed in 1975 by the late Sheriff Mustapha Dibba, adding that since then they have never given up.

She said they still have strong people like Badara Sidibeh who is the deputy national chairman of the party and the rest of the executives that are willing to give out their best for the party to move forward.

The executive, however, expressed disappointment with its former leader, Majanko Mamusa’s behaviour.

Karamo Kinteh pointed out that they still have followers all over the country, but was least impressed with their leader and his leadership.

“Leadership is an honour bestowed on an individual by the people, it should be defended to the last dot and that was what was lacking in Majanko,” he said.

Mr. Sidibeh emphasised on the party’s merits and how far they are willing to go in order to make the party stronger and prioritise the interest of the masses. 

Author: Fatou Bojang