NCP chairman: Majanko Samusa is not relieved

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Chairman and National Executive Committee Member of the National Convention Party (NCP), Demba Jadama has debunked what he called rumours from some “unscrupulous”  people making unfound statements and announcement that Majanko Samusa has been relieved of his post in the party.

“I am not aware of his removal and have no knowledge of joining or belonging to any faction trying to undermine the integrity of the NCP.”

Mr. Jadama said Majanko’s removal from the party was news to him because they never discussed it at a meeting or at party level nor did they hold any congress about the issue. “I am informing everyone that Hon. Majanko Samusa, a nominated member of the National Assembly is still the present interim party head and leader of NCP. I will take legal action against anyone who may mention my name or want to tarnish my image or consent by way of writing or announcement.”

Author: Fatou Dem