NCCE, TANGO ‘Democracy Project’ underway

Thursday, June 27, 2019

National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) and The Association of Non-Governmental Organisations (TANGO) are currently on a mass nationwide sensitization campaign on democracy, good governance, human rights and rule of law.

The national outreach is part of activities of a two-year project titled-“strengthening human rights and good governance in The Gambia”, also call the ‘Democracy Project’ funded by the United Nations Democracy Fund (UNDEF).

NCCE programme manager Yusupha Bojang disclosed that the overall objective of the project is to enhance awareness and understanding of democracy, rule of law, and civic rights and duties among citizens and to promote political pluralism, tolerance and peaceful coexistence within communities.

The first segment of the community sensitization campaign started in Central River Region-North Upper Saloum village of Panchang, where the project was lunched.

Currently, six major meetings are being held in both Central and Upper River Regions. The first phase of the campaign runs from 18th June to 18th July, which will be conducted across the country. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb