NCCE sensitisation underway

Monday, May 07, 2018

The National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) last Wednesday commenced a massive sensitization caravan across the country as part of the Mayoral and Chairperson’s election campaign activities.

The activities are targeting major towns/villages/centers across the country.

NCCE’s Senior Program Officer Yusupha Bojang said the campaign is a continuation of their engagements with the public on civic and voter education in the run-up to the Council Election.

Bojang noted that the aim of the activity is to sensitize the public on the importance of Local Government Elections and the role of Mayor(ress)/Chairperson as heads of Councils, promote political awareness and tolerance, as well as encourage massive participation to ensure high voter turnout, and thereby addressing voter apathy as recently experienced in the councilors’ election.

Kebba O. Jobe, Senior Civic Education Officer at NCCE speaking at Barra in North Bank Region called on voters to vote in the right candidates and not cast their votes based on

tribe, party or friendship.

Mr. Jobe added that Area council’s role is to ensure citizens benefit from taxes they pay through provision of basic social services such as water, street lights, markets, feeder roads, support women with labour saving devices such as milling machines, women gardens, support the education of children through scholarship, environmental sanitation among others.

He therefore urged voter to critically think about their choices before making them.

“Vote for the candidate with the knowledge, commitment and willingness to work”, he went on, saying voters can recall their Mayor(ress)/Chairperson if he/she is not capable of carrying his/her task.

He further called on citizens to discharge their civic duties by casting their votes and also urged them not to sell their votes.

He highlighted that voting is what can bring us peace and stability and therefore every citizen with a voters’ card should go out and vote come May 12.

Junkung Saidy also a Senior Civic Education Officer at NCCE speaking at Kerewan in NBR described all elections (Presidential, National Assembly and Local Government Elections) as equally important and therefore called on all voters card holders to turn out and vote massively during the Mayor(ress)/Chairperson’s election.

Mr Saidy described elections as the lifeblood of a democracy, adding that The Gambia belongs to us as it is only us who can develop it. “Your vote is your power and voice, discharge it”, he urged voters card holders particularly youth.

He noted that a lot of money is invested in processing the voters cards and therefore we should not let those monies go to waste by failing to vote.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb
Source: Picture: NCCE Chairman, Alh Sering Fye