NCAC, YEP unveil signage panels in Janjangbureh

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The National Center for Arts and Culture in collaboration with the Janjangbureh community and with support from the Youth Empowerment Project-European Union, recently unveiled some signage and street directory panels in some cultural and historic areas across Janjangbureh in Central River Region.

The project is meant to strengthen the realisation of the goal of the National Development Plan (NDP) as tourism and culture are priority areas in the plan.

The concept behind the signage and the street directory panels was to give more information on history surrounding the cultural and historical sites in Janjangbureh.

Hassoum Ceesay, acting director general of the National Center for Arts and Culture thanked management of Youth Empowerment Projects for their support for the programme since the onset. He reiterated the importance of the collaboration meant for strengthening the realisation of the goal of the NDP, which tourism and culture is one of the key parts.

He added that the collaboration between YEP and NCAC is to support youth employment, empowerment and community development through culture and tourism which is one of the rationales behind unveiling the signage panels throughout the island of McCarthy – Janjangbureh “as it is basically meant for interpretation of the cultural and historical sites, which both the trained guards that will be engaged and the community will benefit.”

He again thanked YEP for the collaboration and he as well extended appreciation to the officials of NCAC and seyfoo of Janjangbureh community for their hard work and cooperation on the project.

Ngoneh Panneh, representative of YEP said they are working together for a sustainable goal to bring development to the youth of the community and its surroundings. She reiterated that the signage panels will give more information to the visitors about what they see as they will be able to read history behind any of the sites and even take pictures of them.

Alhaji Bakary Jam Jawo, seyfoo of Janjangbureh community thanked both the NCAC and YEP for the wonderful idea and support to the community. He as well prayed for longevity and collaboration between the NCAC and YEP with expectation of more projects for the community.

Among the places where the signage was mounted were Kankurang Center, Youth Center, Methodist Church/School and Remains of the slave market among other areas.

Author: By Yunus S Saliu