NCAC plans to showcase women pioneer in subsequent IWD celebrations

Monday, March 11, 2019

Celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day in a modest way in the premise of the National Museum, acting Director General of National Center for Arts and Culture (NCAC) revealed that part of the center’s plans is to highlight and showcase Gambian women pioneer in subsequent Women’s Day celebrations.

Hassoum Ceesay described women as promoters and disseminators of culture and heritage during an organised modest IWD celebration at the national museum Friday, saying that the small reception for their female staff was meant to recognize their efforts in the museum when it comes to culture and heritage. He said it was also meant to encourage them to keep up the good work as they joined the rest of the world to celebrate the important day of women.

Mr. Ceesay revealed that apart from encouraging women to keep up the good work, they will subsequently organize a women’s day by bringing together women players in the arts and culture sector under one roof where they will have series of programmes and showcase women pioneers, exhibition of women photographs, women in The Gambia history before, from and post-colonial rules.

“This will also showcase women as market traders, political actors, producers of food, educators, health providers and their role before and during colonial rule and post-independence.”

He said the delay in the increase of women in national positions could be attributed to social, economic and colonial rule which, he said also took them backward. “This is because before the colonial rule, women were very important, playing important roles in the community. But under colonial rule, they were hidden from speaking.”

Mr. Ceesay said to tackle the problem, there is need to continue engaging women in the education sector and help them with skills, which is important when it comes to their empowerment.”

This is the first time NCAC staff celebrated the IWD at the museum where female staff expressed happiness and appealed to other women to be steadfast in their families, society and day-to-day activities. They also urged all women to stop being bench warmers when it comes to national development.

Author: Yunus S Saliu