NCAC arts director condemns “unethical” Gambian songs

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

National Center for Arts and Culture creative and performing arts director Sheikh Omar Jallow, Monday said the center totally condemns the act of releasing what he called “unethical” songs by some Gambian artistes.

Speaking to this reporter at his Banjul independence drive office, Mr. Jallow said some of the songs some Gambian musicians release are not fit in the country’s culture, saying they should be singing songs that can inform, educate and entertain the community and stick to “our” customs and traditions.

“On behalf of the center, we condemn this act and we will not support them in any manner. Music is not about insulting but to educate and entertain the listeners. Gambians should practice their own culture rather than imitating foreign artistes”.

Mr. Jallow explained that performing arts consists of musicians, film makers, dancers, fashion designers and the theater industry whose activities contribute to national economy. “Recently, we started to look into the contribution of performing arts in general with the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

Mr. Jallow further highlighted that Gambian music industry has started moving, saying at first, there were no instrumental players but now, young musicians are coming up.

Mr. Jallow revealed that his council has plans to organise festivals in the country because cultural tourism contributes to income.  

Author: Pa Modou Cham