NCAC Ag. Director says Copy Right Regulations is now in full operation

Friday, February 22, 2019

National Center for Arts and Culture (NCAC) acting director general Hassoum Ceesay has told our reporter in an interview that the published 2018 Copy Right Regulations is in full operation.

He said they have been working on the regulations for six years but was only approved last year by Tourism Minister Hamat Bah to make it a legal document.

Mr. Ceesay said the regulations spelt out the operation of the collecting Gambian society on how books or other copy right materials can be registered. “All the processes is captured in the regulations, so if you have your book, cassette or film, you can now come to NCAC to register and have a certificate that will protect you or proof of copy right ownership that you wrote.”

He said the regulations also outlined who should pay licenses for copy right, saying very soon NCAC will be collecting royalties from producers, publishers, printers and distributors. 

Author: Njie Baldeh