NBR registers first rain damages on two households

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Reports reaching The Point have indicated that two households were seriously damaged in the last Wednesday first rains in the country in a North Bank Region village of Sangkalang in Sabach Sanjal district. It is not confirm if the rain has affected other families in other communities.

The report stated that the houses of Musa Saine and Laine Camara were completely damaged by the rain that was accompanied by heavy rain with the top roof removed and thrown away. It has forced Laine Camara and his family to relocate to Farafenni due to the extent of the damage on the building.

Disasters like wind and flood has been the most noticeable subject many Gambian families suffer from during rainy season. This is because some houses are either built on waterlogged areas of they are not properly constructed with strong pillars to support them.

The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) has been advising people to avoid constructing their houses on waterlogged areas and to ensure clearing their surroundings to provide free movement for water.

“My family house; a cement building that I built some five years ago, got destroyed by the Wednesday rain. The building is a four bedroom that housed my entire family. It contains my brother’s two wives and children and my other brother’s wife and my mother,” Mbara Saine told our reporter.

The affected families are now seeking refuge at the neighboring compounds but due to the nature of the families, they said they couldn’t continue to live in such condition for long. “Their beds and all belongings are at the mercy of the harsh weather and the upcoming rains. I am therefore calling on any philanthropist, civil society organisations and political leaders to rescue my family,” Mr. Saine said.

 Any person intending to extend a helping hand can reach Mr. Mbara Saine on Tel: 7002364 or 6345126.