NAWEC’s failure to connect electricity angers Tanji Sanlandingoto Ward

Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Residents in the coastal settlement of Tanji Sanlandingoto in Kombo South are currently undergoing total frustration and dissatisfaction with the delay in connecting the area to the national electricity transmission grid. This comes, almost eight years after making all necessary transactions to have the ward connected to the national electricity distribution grid.

Tanji Sanlandingoto Ward in 2011 benefited from 307,500.00 dalasi financial support from Community Development Driven Project (CDDP) initially proposed to build a market for the community. This was later changed due to walking distance it might take the residents to access market and instead be used to provide the people of this coastal community with efficient electricity.

Speaking to The Point, Edrissa Colley, a native of Sanlandingoto Ward in Tanji, recalled that the financial support for electricity was funded by Community Development Driven Project back in 2011.

Colley noted that initially the fund was meant for a proposed market, but after considering the location of the market site, it was then decided for the project to help the community with electricity extension.

According to him, after doing all the financial payments to the national electricity giant for almost 8 years now, any time they went to NAWEC to find out about the matter, the only reply they get from NAWEC is that they are waiting for the Venezuelan project and that any time it reaches the country priority will be given to them.

“I can tell you for so many times we have been going as a delegation to NAWEC on the same issue with our VDC members and community elders. But any time we reach there, we are always shown a big paper indicating the name of our ward and that any time the Venezuelan project arrives would be given electricity supply” he said.

Laibo Manneh, who is the chairman of the Village Development Committee, said the entire community of Tanji are now frustrated with the delay in the non-supply of electricity after doing all financial settlements.

The VDC, he added, has taken so many possible means in making sure that the ward is supplied with electricity and that they have all payment receipts.

A letter to that regard was written and addressed to the then managing director of NAWEC requesting for a quotation of a proposed electricity extension to Tanji Sanlandingoto. But this letter, he said, was never responded. He added that on numerous occasions the company would promise them with electricity but to no avail.

In a telephone interview with Pierre Sylva, the public relations officer of NAWEC, he said his company has so far not received any such electricity complaints and cannot trace any file relating to the electricity problem of Tanji Sanlandingoto ward.

“How can this be possible when we are currently connecting people who have paid in 2017 and 2108 and forget those who have already settled theirs for eight years now? I am saying this and if those complaining of electricity connection can come with all their receipts to my office then this can be clear for once and for all,” he stated. 

Author: Yusupha Jobe