Nationwide environmental challenges are numerous, diverse - Environment Minister

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

The minister of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources on Monday during the Third Ordinary Session of the National Assembly informed deputies that environmental challenges across the nation are numerous and diverse.

Lamin B. Dibba was responding to Hon. Ousman Touray, a member for Sabach Sanjal, who asked whether there were plans by his ministry to conduct a nationwide environmental assessment so as to map out all environmental challenges in the country.

He stated: “It is important to note that due to poor agricultural practices in the upland and the removal of forest cover around the area with intense rains now, the situation became aggravated. It would therefore be challenging if not impossible to conduct an assessment to map out all environmental challenges in the country as requested. However, assessments were conducted at various sites at different times few years ago to assess and map out key environmental challenges”.

Minister Dibba also acknowledged that it is as a result of serious erosion problem that led to deep gullies in the area resulting to destruction of access roads, landscape and natural settings.

Asked further by Hon. Ousman Tourary what measures were in place to control the severe environmental situation in Mbapu in Marega in the shortest possible time.

In response, Minister Dibba said to address this situation; it would require further technical assessment of the water flow in the area which will come up with recommendations for permanent solution to this problem.

“I would like to inform this body that some agricultural projects did intervened in the area by putting in gully plugs to reduce the velocity of the water flow and trap sand to fill in the gullies through sedimentation process some years ago. However, these interventions were undertaken relatively to improve the situation.

Minister Dibba maintained that a joint visit by NEA and relevant stakeholders will be conducted to assess the current situation and make necessary recommendations to address the situation in the short and long term.

Author: Njie Baldeh