National Library was allocated a land in 2004: Education minister

Friday, September 21, 2018

Claudiana Cole, the minister of Basic and Secondary Education has told deputies that the National Library was allocated a land in 2004 by the Ministry of Lands on MDI Road, but there became a tussle on the ownership and they were re-allocated land on the Jimpex Road.

The Basic and Secondary Education minister was responding to a question by Hon. Sainey Tourary, the member for Jarra East, who asked the minister to explain to the Assembly whether there were plans in the offing to relocate the country’s only library to a site that is somehow environment friendly.

The Education minister went further to inform deputies that this particular land is currently being claimed by another organisation. “Notwithstanding, the director general has sent a request to the Ministry of Lands for re-allocation of another suitable land.”

Hon. Sidia S. Jatta, the lawmaker for Wuli West, also asked the Education minister whether the system of education known as 6-3-3 – that’s six years in LBS; three years in UBS and three years in SS has been in practice.

In her respond, Minister Cole said currently, the education system (6-3-3) is the approved system in all West African English speaking countries. “This system is being assessed by the West African Examination Council and the prescribed syllabus is sufficient and based on demand, it’s been improved time-to-time”.

Minister Cole added that there exist some challenges in the implementation of the project in some schools around Region 6. “We do not have sufficient numbers of Sarahuleh teachers. Thus, we have to rely on teachers who manage to speak the language even though they are not native speakers of the language.

Author: Njie Baldeh
Source: Picture: Claudiana Cole, the minister of Basic and Secondary Education