National Intellectual Property Policy developed

Friday, February 09, 2018

The government of The Gambia in collaboration with World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Wednesday commenced a 2 days validation workshop on National Intellectual Property of The Gambia.

The two-day synergy was created a forum where by the intellectual property document will be developed.

Loretta Asiedu, senior counselor, Regional Bureau for Africa WIPO recalled that WIPO was here in 2016 to assist in the review of the report on the situation of IP in the country.

“That was not the first attempt made at streamlining IP administration and governance in the country, the attempt in 2016, however, revamped the process and set in motion a series of consultations which highlighted the importance of IP as an effective tool in the stimulation of creativity and innovation” she added.

Two years on Mrs. Loretta noted that the role of intellectual property as a catalyst for innovative and creative enterprise has not diminished; if anything at all, it has increased adding that this holds true, not only for the Gambia, but for the African continent as a whole.

“As one researcher for the World Economic Forum put it, “necessity is the mother of invention and in Africa; it has been the mother of innovation” she lamented.

For his part, Alieu Jallow, said: “The assistance and guidance we received from WIPO through Mrs. Asiadu is enormous and we therefore wish to thank them profoundly for all the help,” he said.

He added that this two-day workshop, demonstrates The Gambia government’s commitment to the attainment of national socio-economic and cultural development goals through knowledge creation, utilisation, promotion and protection.

“Intellectual property is indispensible for human development and comfort as it seeks to provide adequate compensation for investments in research and development,” he emphasised. 

Author: Fatou B. Cham