NAMs trained on Constitutional building process

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

(Monday 27th May 2019 issue)

A two-day training for National Assembly Members on constitutional building process was held on Friday at the Kariba Beach hotel, organised by the International Idea.

The training came following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between International Idea and National Assembly on 15 April, 2019 in Banjul. The agreement aimed at supporting the National Assembly on the transportation process and one of the areas is to cooperate in strengthening capacity of legislators.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Marian Jack Denton thanked International Idea for the support to Gambian parliamentarians, noting that the training will help them in the execution of their functions. “This training seek to enhance the involvement of the ongoing constitutional building process through galvanizing parliamentary debate on the process and its expected outcome.”

She said this is an initiative to build a democratic society where rule of law and constitutionalism that dictates all governance is strengthen.

Speaker Jack Denton said the objective of any constitution is to set out the framework with good governance and to determine who exercise the powers and authority of the state, how they do and on what purpose. “As The Gambia is moving towards strengthening democratic gains and with the establishment of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) whose mandate is to draft a new constitution, Gambians have been very active in the consultation and engagement in deciding on the terms and provisions of the new constitution and to ensure that it is inclusive, democratic and transparent.”

Momodou A. Sise, Clerk of the National Assembly said the training is significant because the National Assembly is an important organ of the state and has very crucial role to play in promoting and protecting democracy and good governance.

Summit Bisarya, head of the constitutional building programme at International Idea said this is the first activity they are conducting with the National Assembly since the signing of the MoU, adding that International Idea is an inter-governmental organisation governed by member states from all over the world. 

Author: Njie Baldeh