Nah-Buteh Mahogany officials conduct outreach program in Berending village

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Officials of Nah-Buteh Mahogany recently convened a daylong outreach program at Berending village in Kombo South of the West Coast Region.

The outreach program was the first of its kind since the establishment of the Nah-Buteh Forest Park in Kombo South.

The aim of the outreach program was to bring communities together and create more awareness about the importance attached to this Nat-Buteh Forest Park, and the benefit as well as the opportunities it can offer.

According to officials of Nat-Buteh Mohagany Forest Park, the forest park had been instituted in Berending to revive Gambian culture, create employment and preserve the country’s forest cover amongst others.

During a meeting with the communities in Berending, the forestry expert told them that the park would contribute immensely towards fighting the effects of climate change.

The communities were also informed that global temperatures, according to scientists would continue to rise for decades to come, largely due to greenhouse gases produced by human activities.

Speaking at the awareness creation forum with the Berending communities, the founder and initiator of the Nat- Buteh Mohagany Forest Park, Tunko Ansumana Saidy, spoke about the importance of preserving the natural resources which The Gambia was endowed with.

Mr Saidy said considering the natural resources, there was need, particularly for Gambians to invest in the preservation of the forest, adding that it was high-time that Africans started to have some sense of self belonging, because they are too much westernised.

For his part, the Gamtel senior marketing manager and adviser to the project, Lamin Fofana, said the Nat-Buteh Mohagany Forest Park was geared towards protecting the country’s flora and fauna.

He said the rapid degrading of the country’s forest needs immediate solution if not the consequence could be very severe in the long run.

He said he had no doubt that the park would be very useful to the community by creating massive job opportunities among others.

Also speaking, the forestry regional Director of West Coast Region, Ousainou Cham, said the park was in line with the ministry of forestry’s policy objective to increase the forest coverage countrywide.

He said key among the strategies was the promotion of private natural forest, plantation and community forest, adding that the consultative meeting was meant to discuss with the community on the significance of preserving the forest and as well allaying their fears.

He said among other things, the targeted goals of the forest park would be to enhance agricultural services, environment conservation, soil improvement and the cultural profit.

The community also expressed similar sentiments and described the outreach program as very timely, and assured that they would continue to support the park.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh