NAATIP sensitises KM on human trafficking and smuggling

Monday, March 18, 2019

National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons (NAATIP) last week conducted a sensitisation at the Kanifing Municipal Council ground to raise awareness on human trafficking and smuggling. 

The Agency was established to prohibit all forms of trafficking in the Gambia by educating the public including potential victims on the causes and consequences of trafficking. 

Executive Director Tulie Jawara-Ceesay spoke on some of the Acts that empower the Agency and the forms of human trafficking and smuggling. “The trafficking in persons Act empowers the Agency to help strengthen and enhance effective legal means for international cooperation in criminal matters for suppressing the international activities in trafficking in persons. It also supervises, control and coordinates the rehabilitation of victims of trafficking.”

She said as part of the Agency’s mandates, the Act also adopt measures to ensure that Gambians who are deployed abroad on peacekeeping or other missions do not engage in or facilitate trafficking in persons or exploit victims of trafficking.

National Youth Council Executive director Lamin Darboe said, reports have indicate that there are people allegedly trafficked from this country to others which, he said are issues that should be addressed.

He said their part as a youth council, they are ever ready and commit to work with all stakeholders to ensure that young people are protected, empowered, and given accurate and adequate information to support themselves and to participate in their own protection.

He emphasised that fundamentally, they will continue to work with the Network of Girls Against Human Trafficking to ensure that more young people have access to information on trafficking and opportunities available in the country.

Mr. Darboe said the gathering was an opportunity for young people to remind themselves and the government that the youth of this country are hardworking, dedicated, and they love The Gambia, saying that if they have had what they wanted, they would have not migrate from this country or be subjected to trafficking.  

Author: Fatou Bojang