NA select committee on Health embarks on nationwide tour

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

As party of 2017/ 2018 session of the oversight committees, National Assembly Committee on health, women, children, disaster refugees and humanitarian relief yesterday started a countrywide tour to visit all health facilities in the country.

The first briefing was held at the National Assembly building were senior government officials from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare accompanied by the permanent secretary Ministry of Health.

In welcoming the permanent secretary and his team, Ousman Sillah National Assembly member for Banjul North and also the chairman for Select Committee on Health thanked the health officials for responding to their call, adding that the discussion with health officials was a good way of collaborating. He said the purpose of the tour was to know the constraints and challenges that the ministry has been grappling with. The Banjul North National Assembly assured health officials that their problems would be put before members during the oversight meetings.

Speaking on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Cherno Omar Barry, permanent secretary at Ministry of Health and Social Welfare thanked the National Assembly select committee on health for engaging them, adding that the Health Ministry would continue working  with the National Assembly Select Committee on Health.

“This meeting is very important because they would forward all their challenges and constraints to the select committee on health,” he said, adding that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoHSW) is responsible for healthcare delivery and provision of social welfare services in The  Gambia health sector and has a three tier systems: Primary (village health service, and community clinics) Secondary (minor & major health centers), Tertiary (general and specialised hospitals). The five major programmes include: Strategy, Policy and Management Health Promotion Family Health Social Welfare Disease Control

Achievements during the last six months (January-June 2017, Permanent Secretary Barry highlighted were the High vaccine coverage /uptake malaria interventions; access to basic needs education; water and sanitation among host of others.

He also highlighted on the residual spraying strategy for malaria control implemented in CRR and URR.

He informed that national TB treatment success rate of 87% surpassed the global target of 85%.

Author: Njie Baldeh