‘My Ministry will continue to prioritize youth empowerment and development’

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Minister of Youth and Sports Hadrammeh Sidibeh has said his ministry will continue to prioritize youth empowerment and development in the country.

Mr. Sidibeh made this remarks in a statement marking the International Youth Day, under the theme “Transforming education”.

He revealed that celebration of International Youth Day 2019 will take stock of the progress, challenges and opportunities in transforming education system.

He added that ministry of youth and sports, Satellite Intuitions with stakeholders will conduct series of activities including stakeholder’s Inter-generational dialogue on transforming education in the Gambia, social mobilizations and media outreach on the theme.

He seized the opportunity to recognized and acknowledge the contributions of youth, youth-led and youth-focused organizations, as well as other stakeholders efforts toward transforming education system to accommodate youth and future of work.

He stated that The Gambia is not an exception, continues to face several challenges such as unemployment, irregular migrations and return, inadequate access to opportunities, relevant technical skills, access to finance, insufficient youth safer spaces, among other challenges.

He said the provision of quality,  relevant education, and lifelong learning opportunities for youth especially in digital skills, vocational education, business finances as well as cultural appreciation, sustainability, gender and human rights, within a progressive policy environment, will not only accelerate socio economic transformation but could also facilitate attainment of National development plan, and by extension the Sustainable Development Goals.

He pointed out that despite several challenges, majority of Gambian youth in the country and the Diaspora continue to demonstrate resilient and commitments to maximally utilized the opportunities provided by the new Gambia across all sectors.

He further pointed out that the government of the Gambia under the dynamic leadership of His Excellency President Adama Barrow, through his Ministry will continue to prioritize youth empowerment and development, as emphasized in strategic priority seven of National Development Plan, on harnessing the demographic dividend.

 He stated that young people constitute more than 65% of the populations their meaningful engagement and development is critical to sustainable national development.

He said his ministry is working with the Satellite institutions and strategic partners to operationalize the National Youth Development Fund to provide access to finance to youth led initiatives and start up, refurbishment of youth centres such as Farafenni Youth Centre, Janjanbureh Youth Centre, Bansang Youth Centre and Basse Youth Centre as well as expand the Gambia

He lamented that advocacy on skills training and sports development programmes under his ministry, coupled with the ongoing review of the National Youth Policy, are expected to give youth the much needed platforms and opportunities for innovation, employment creation, leadership and capacity to contribute towards national development.


Author: National Youth Council