Muta Baruka in Gambia to launch album

Friday, November 23, 2018

Jamaican musician Muta Baruka has arrived in The Gambia to perform concerts and to lunch his new album. He was welcomed by his Gambian fans and reggae lovers at the Banjul International Airport.

He told entertainment journalists that he is back to his home country The Gambia and Africa in general, noting that Africa is their born land no matter what. “Africa is the home of all civilization and the world is built from Africa and everything in the West is from Africa. Our iron, our education they stole from Africa, so why in myself not to see where all these things come from.”

He thanked Gambia government for letting him entry into the country, saying as a reggae ambassador for New Jersey, he came to spread the good news that reggae music is an uplifting music and is a music for the people.

He said Gambian love reggae music and he has seen that many of them listens to reggae music that why he want to lunch his album in The Gambia.

In his message to the youth, the Jamaican musician said they must respect their parents because the parents are the first mother, but if the youths did not listen to the parents things won’t be better, he noted adding that education is one of his message as to take us from poverty.

“If we African are more educated, the world will kneel in our feet because what we have here the world want it. Everything that the world is doing right now is from Africa.”

Author: Njie Baldeh