Muslims in Brikama and satellite villages commemorate Eid-al Adha

Monday, September 04, 2017

Muslims in Brikama and satellite villages of the West Coast Region on Friday commemorated the feast of Eid-Al-Adha commonly known as Tobaski.

In his sermon, the Imam Ratib of Brikama, Alh Sankung Touray called on the Muslim Ummah to be obedient to the commands of Allah.

Imam Touray stressed that the unity of Allah Almighty, our Creator, should be the foundation on which every activity of a believer is erected.

He noted that every activity that is devoid of it does not earn His pleasure and all forms of associating partners with Him should be shunned while perfect trust is put in Him.

These, he pointed out, were the qualities of the three righteous ones “we are remembering”. 

According to him, it is these qualities that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) came to nourish.

 Imam Touray stressed that the poor should always be remembered and helped and should be equally treated with love, compassion and kindness.

He urged all Imams to always remember The Gambia in their prayers for the success, peace, stability and prosperity of our dear motherland. 

On his part, the Imam of Jalambang Village, Alagie Sowe, implored Muslims to desist from deeds that contradict the teachings of Islam, such as hypocrisy, dishonesty, and self-centeredness while challenging the youth to be obedient and God fearing.

He stressed the need for Muslims to forgive one another and go by the teachings of the Holy Quran and advised them to unite and love each other. 

At Brikama Madina Salanding praying ground, the village alkalo, Baba Gitteh, advised people to control their cattle and other ruminants to avoid farm destruction.

Author: Yai Dibba