Murder again!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Another murder is again in the news. In our yesterday’s edition, we ran a story in which one Saidou Barry, a 65-year-old man and a native of Jalambang village, West Coast Region was reportedly found dead on the outskirts of the village on Monday.

The act, which is believed to be a suspected robbery attack, raises questions as to the current state of security of The Gambia. Reports have it that police in Brikama made several arrest in connection with the incidents, as investigation continues.

But what is more scaring is the recent surge in violent crimes in major settlements in the country. This calls for concerted effort by all and sundry to root out violent crimes in the country.

Hardly, a week passes now without hearing another episode which involves violent crime.

It is natural that when people come together, tensions and misunderstandings would occur, but that is where the growth of human character is also nurtured. To be patient and tolerant towards one another is encouraged by all the major religions of the world.

And we called on people to be always law abiding and solve issues amicably, without resorting to the use of force.

People should always bear in mind that the law allows no individual to take the soul of another like that.

We salute the tireless effort that the Anti-crime personnel are doing this past weeks and months to curtail violent-related crimes in the country. Over the past week, we’ve seen them making arrests of people believed to be notorious criminals in our communities. However, more efforts are still needed to get rid of criminal elements in our midst.

We also call on the police investigation team to leave no stone un-turn in getting to the bottom of the case and prosecute those found wanting.

Let’s make the Smiling Coast of Africa a shine example when it comes to peaceful coexistence, tolerance and compassion. 

"Murder in the murderer is a no such ruinous thought as poets and romancers will have it; it does not unsettle him, or fright him from his ordinary notice of trifles: it is an act quite easy to be contemplated, but in its sequel, it turns out to be a horrible jangle and confounding of all relations..."

Ralph Waldo Emerson