Multi-million dalasi food security, nutrition project launched

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Action-Aid The Gambia in collaboration with the European Research Institute, SOS Children’s Villages and Action Against Hunger (AAH) under the funding of the European Union recently launched a food security project designed to ensure an increase in food security, nutrition and to mitigate migration.

The project dubbed ‘’The Konkobayo’’ also seeks to improve food nutrition, sanitation and hygiene of vulnerable communities in five districts of Central River Region.

Berna Koroglu, the country manager for Action Against Hunger (AAH), said the project seeks to improve food nutrition among others in five districts of the country namely: Wuli East and West, Sandu, Sami and Niani.

‘’The AAH is embarking on series of initiatives which includes kitchen gardening, community and school gardening crops and livestock production and the rehabilitation of wells and boreholes for productive and drinkable water. An approximation of 120,000 individuals will benefit from the ongoing project.’’

According to a statement delivered by a representative of the European institute, Circular Economy in Sustainable Agricultural Development ( CESAD), the project is meant to last for three years with work started in August last year.

The EU official indicated that the project intends to enhance small holder farmers’ competitiveness and to support the development of local communities in the North Bank Region.

The project, he added, is divided into four main areas, namely improve the performance of the quality of farming practices, the provision of logistic solution to storage of crops and its distribution, introduction of diversity of supply to increase farmers’ resilience and strengthening of local capacities for competitiveness market accessibility. 

He further disclosed that the budget for the project is estimated to be about 830,000 Euros.

Mariatou Sallah, national director for SOS Children’s Villages, said their project titled Sustainable Nutrition Improvement project is being implemented in Fatako, Tabajang and Kosemar in the Jimara District in URR.

The main objective of their project, she said, is to contribute to improve nutrition of children at risk of losing parental care by encouraging improved and diversified agricultural production and improved approaches to the community.

Sallah disclosed that the project will run for a period of 48 months and it is expected to end in July 2022.

Darell Sexstone, the programmes director of European Union and the representative of the EU Ambassador, launched the Project on behalf of the EU envoy.

Sexstone revealed that the EU grant to the project in its entirety is worth 138 million dalasis approximately 2.6 million Euros and that it was meant to mitigate illegal migration.

Author: Emmanuel Adomako