Multi-million dalasi credit union inaugurated

Monday, June 04, 2018

A multi-million dalasi medical and health service credit union complex was recently inaugurated in the Kanifing Industrial Area. The official inauguration was attended by senior officials from the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and other stakeholders.

Speaking at the inauguration, James Ismaila Gomez, chairman of board of directors, Medical and health Services Credit Union, described the inauguration of the complex as a milestone development for the credit union in the country.

“So is now left to the members to maximize the usage of this place and furthermore build the confidence of the potential members, because if you look, the medical and health fraternity is large, but the members that we have compared to the potential membership are very low. So everybody is a member who is a medical and health service related worker and then you have to actualize your membership by coming to register with the credit union”.

Gomez said the finances towards the construction of the building are from the contribution of members. “We did not get support from anywhere but from members’ contribution. The aim is to expand by even paying salaries for our members so as to improve the livelihood of all the members”.

For his part, Momodou Savage, vice chairman of the Union, said the day marks another significant milestone for them, recalling that when they came on as a board, there was nothing like this; intention of having an office.

He noted that before they took over as board of directors, there was neither an office or land.

“So our board managed to acquire this land and we are here today handing over the keys, which is a big day for us. The office will start operating very soon because we would not spend such a huge money and then relax. We want to see everything work as soon as possible”.

Agnes Njie Gomez, the manageress of Medical and Health Service Cooperative Credit Union, expressed delight in receiving the keys to the complex.

She thanked members for their dedication and hard work, saying without the support of the members they will not be here today.

“So our contribution towards this building is really encouraging and those who are not members, let them come and join, know that we are a happy family”.

Babucarr Jeng, general manager of the National Association of Cooperative Credit Unions in The Gambia, described the inauguration of the credit union complex as another milestone achievement for them as credit union in The Gambia.

“We are happy and proud of our credit union movement. This building is very important to us as a movement and it also signifies the importance of the work of credit unions in The Gambia and all over the world”.

Jeng on behalf of the members of the movement congratulated both members of medical and health services cooperative credit union for the move.

“This is a laudable achievement and it also goes to confirm the advantage that when we work together we would achieve a lot”.

Author: Njie Baldeh