MRC observes International Women’s Day

Monday, March 12, 2018

Medical Research Council The Gambia (MRCG) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in collaboration with various schools in The Gambia have recently celebrated International Women’s Day and girls in science on the theme: opening doors, closing the gender gap.

Professor Umberto D’Alessandro, MRC’s director said the proportion of male to female leadership in the field remains heavily skewed towards men, saying in Africa, challenges for women begin early, as chances of getting into the university are five times lower for women than men.

He said to help in closing the gender gap in Africa, both men and women themselves need to perceive women as intellectually equal. “The aim of the celebration is to educate the boys and girls about the significant accomplishments of female leaders in global health in sub-Saharan Africa and to illustrate the career opportunities that are available in science,” he opined.

Professor Umberto expressed hope that during the event students will participate to ask questions to clear doubts and increase their knowledge and understanding in science.

Dr. Anna Roca an official from MRC Gambia said the role of women in science is fundamental, saying women are underrepresented and there is need to encourage more women involvement in science. 

Author: Fatou Cham