Movie premier to feature Gambian actress

Friday, June 21, 2019

Gambian female actress Rohey Kamara, has been nominated as the best female actress for SMA 2019 which she would be featured in a movie premier come November 2019.

Speaking in an interview with The Point Entertainment and Lifestyle last Friday at Cave Restaurant at Kairaba Avenue, the award winning star said there would be a movie premier that would be coming in November and she has been nominated as one of the outstanding star after a proper research.

 “I did an audition online and it would be feature in that movie,” she said adding that some Nigerian actors like Marcy Johnson as the star of the movie are expected to attend the event.

The 24 year female actress has been in the industry for 10 years and she started as a model and those who help and supported her was Fatima Jabbi and Lamin Manga.

 “I acted a movie with Nigerian actors which people watched on, and I also met with big producers in Ghana thanks to Mr Adams who first took me to Ghana for the first time to do a movie entitled Hitting Fantasy which I premiered with some Gambian actors, and it was a great experience for me.

 “I experienced different kind of characters, so been an actress, is not a surprise to me and I don’t compete with any one because I believe that God created us but we are different.

Rohey Kamara  premiered more than ten movies and she worked with many International actors and actresses.  “We have very talented Gambians but sometime we feel very little and that should not be, because if you talk of countries like Nigeria and Ghana, they believing in their people, they are the one that sell their culture, so If you think of any movie industry in Africa you mention Ghana and Nigeria.”

She therefore called on all Gambians and none Gambians to come out in their large numbers to support the movie premier in November.