Mother, 2 kids held hostage by ‘rebel’

Monday, January 15, 2018

One Oumie Jawo, a native of Nana village in the Niamina West District of the Central River Region (CRR) with her two kids were being held hostage by one man claimed to be a ‘rebel,’ The Point has been informed.

The victims were held in the bush between Nana and Madina Wallong village.

The incident that occurred last Thursday Jan. 11, 2017, had caused panic within the communities of the area. Soldiers at Kudang Barrack and those at Pakaliba in the Lower River Region (LRR) were on 24-hour patrol after the matter has been reported.

The so-called rebel who was with a gun and a pistol held in custody, Mrs. Jawo and her children for seven hours before they were finally released.

“The rebel asked my wife to tie my children and removed their cloths. My wife used her veil and the shirts of my children’s to tie their hands and legs as they laid down on the ground,” the husband Lamin Mballow told The Point.

He described the incident as unacceptable and shocking taking into account how his family was manhandled by a so-called rebel.

He explained that his wife together with his children went to the bush to collect firewood. “As they were ready and about to return home, the man came from the bush and asked them to stand,” he said. “He pointed a gun at them and asked them to follow him inside the bush of which they complied.”

Mballow added that when they arrived at a dark place the ‘rebel’ asked the kids to lie down on the ground. “He told them that he was a rebel and that if they move or attempt to do anything he would kill all of them. My wife told him that she would not move and inch and that she left everything in the Hands of Almighty Allah,” he stated.

“The man told my wife that before he kills the kids he wanted to ask my wife some questions. “He asked my wife whether he should kill the children or leave them go and kill my wife? My wife told him that it was better for her to be killed and set the children free,” he narrated.

He further narrated that the man after thinking for a while told his wife that you are lucky for the fact that  I thought you would said let me kill your children and set you free.

Mr. Mballow explained that the man after a while said to his family that in fact it was not necessary for them to be killed because they had no money on them and decided to untie them.

“He told them that he was not going to let you go home at that moment because he knew they would go and inform their people who would be searching for him, therefore he decided to detain them until 9 p.m. and set them free.

Quizzed by this reporter whether his family was hurt, Mr. Mballow responded in negative but maintained that they were manhandled.

“When my wife returned home and narrated the incident on Friday Jan. 12, I went to the Jarreng police station and reported the matter.

Author: Momodou Jawo