Modou Lo is Senegal new King of the Arena

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Parcelle-based wrestler Modou Lo, Sunday defeated Pikin-based wrestler Eumeu Saine at stade Leopord Sedar Senghore in Dark to clinch Royal wrestling crown.

It took Lo just seven minutes to beat Saine in a well-attended contest. He dominated Eumeu Saine from start to finish and was confirmed king of the arena after defeating his opponent.

Speaking to reporters shortly after the victory, Modou Lo said the combat was a confirmation that he was stronger than Eumeu, saying that he was physically and mentally prepared for combat. As champion, Modou Lo went home with a king seat, stick and a crown.

The combat was witnessed by thousands of wrestling followers from Senegal and other parts of the world and the contest was staged by Tapha Jobe Promotions.

Author: Fatoumatta Koma from Dakar, Senegal