Ministry says NSC has due mandate to investigate GFF

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Ministry of Youth and Sports has said in a media release made available to this medium that the National Sports Council as the regulatory body on sports in the country has due mandate to investigate any allegation that would tarnish the image of football in the country levied against Gambia Football Federation.

The ministry also urged the GFF to comply with the investigation as it is in the best interest of the populace, accountability and transparency.

The Gambia Football Federation earlier on Friday said its position on the proposed investigation of its internal matters initiated by the National Sports Council remains unchanged.

GFF added that it remains resolute in its decision not to recognise and will not cooperate in any investigation conducted by the NSC or any entity set up by the Council in this matter based on their lack of legal mandate.

On Friday, the Federation received a correspondence from the Council that it has suspended the President Lamin Kabba Bajo; First Vice President, Abdoulie Jallow; Second Vice President, Ebou Faye; Third Vice President Martin Gomez; and Co-opted Executive Member, Bakary K. Jammeh with GFF saying without an iota of ambiguity, the Federation or members of the Executive Committee do not accept the suspension and will not abide by the directive to suspend its President or any member(s) of the GFF executive or co-opted member.

The GFF in conclusion assured all that it remains steadfast, unmoved and resolute in the commitment to promote and develop football and will continue to do so for the greater good of the game and the country. 

Source: Picture: Youth and sports minister