Military has no idea of civilian Jarju being a jungler

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Major Lamin K. Sanyang, the public relations officer (PRO) of The Gambia Army Force (GAF) has said that they have no idea concerning the involvement of one Momodou Jarju, a civilian who just returned from Equatorial Guinea with general, Umpa Mendy and Ansumana Tamba in alleged ‘jungler’ activities.

Jarju, PRO Sanyang said Mr. Jarju is a civilian and was questioned by personnel of Military Police and later released

“We have no information about whether he is a jungler or not. However, what I can tell you is that he is a civilian and he was among the people that just returned from Equatorial Guinea,” he told The Point.

“I believe some local media that report about the escaped ‘Jungler’ Jarju arrested were referring to the same civilian man,” Sanyang told The Point.   

Source: Picture: Major Lamin K. Sanyang