Mile 2 appellants cry foul

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Some criminal appeals at the High Court at Kanifing which were filed by Mile 2 appellants suffered setbacks due to lack of records of proceedings from the lower courts (magistrate courts).  Some prisoners complained bitterly before the presiding judge that some of them have spent one year at Mile 2 awaiting their appeals to be heard due to the lack of records of proceedings. 

Some of them said they preferred withdrawing their appeals than to continue only to be told that their cases have been adjourned because the records of proceedings are not available before the court.

The High Court has made several orders to the various magistrate courts for the registrar to produce the records of proceedings but to no avail. Some criminal appellants have craved the indulgence of the court to help them so that their appeal cases would proceed.   

Author: Dawda Faye