MGI reinstated as GAMTEL’s Gateway keeper

Monday, April 16, 2018

Reliable source has informed this paper that MGI has its contract reinstated by the government for the exclusive management of Gamtel International Voice Gateway.

This management contract was awarded to MGI on 31st of December 2014 but was terminated in 7 July 2017.

According to an official document seen by The Point, the reinstatement was immediate and conditional upon meeting certain requirements.

The sources added that the reinstatement will not be retrospective of the months lost and will only affect life of the 2014 contract due to run out on December 2019.

The reinstatement will apply on the same terms and conditions as was the case of the termination.

“Upon receipt of this notification, MGI is obliged to notify this office in writing of its position on the revised posture of the government within 5 working days and failure to do so which would be construed as a rejection,” the document reveals.
 Following an unconditional acceptance, MGI will be obliged to swiftly reconnect its services and all the required applicable regulations to ensure compliance essential for smooth operations.

The MGI comeback is seen as a blessing in disguise for football fans as they were financially supporting the Gambia national team by paying salaries of foreign and local coaches. It’s through the intervention of MGI that PUMA assisted the National team with 500,000 US Dollars.

MGI provided the national team jerseys and each year they provide four million dalasis scholarship for students in secondary schools and university of The Gambia and overseas. They also helped patients to go for overseas treatment.