Melanie Wynter : Gambia is in growth mode

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Melanie Wynter, Managing Director of Elizabeth Sloane in Jamaica has observed that with the  recent change of administration The Gambia has a great potential to realize it’s middle-income  economy status aspiration.

She stressed that the government has to be very strategic in planning and diligent on how they  execute those plans.

She was speaking as keynote speaker during a Startup Grind Banjul Forum powered by  Google, under the theme: “Building Valuable Business” at Kerr Jula- Gambia Chambers of  Commerce and Industry on 25th May 2019.

She dilated the need for human capital development for all sectors, emphasizing much focus  should be placed on educating and skills training of the labour pool, she explained “if you want  to grow from a low income to middle-income economy you are going to need create jobs and  jobs need workers”..

According to her, Gambia is ready for investment from tax incentive perspective. However when  those investors bring the jobs, who will be the labor pool, will it be Gambians or will it be  ECOWAS citizens. Wynter claimed this as an emergency.

She mentioned the little capital needed to grow the various sectors and The Gambia makes for  an ideal trade hub and superior tourist destination, however, the Government needs to go on the Gambia is ready for a business campaign in the Global Capital market especially Private  Equity market.

She noted there were so many potentials for job creation in such supplying domestic demands. For instance, rice importation is 90% of the domestic demand. She stated this is unnecessary when The Gambia as a freshwater river and land that be outfitted with irrigations system to employ a lot of people, and this just supplies the domestic supply. She started by saying “ Let’s not get into eggs, egg supply and demand”.

She urged young people to focus and use the Internet for the growth of their business evaluating recommendations, listen to all the thoughts leaders, embrace failure, understand and research for sector expansion. Wynter impressed upon the audience to practice collaboration.

She told young entreprenuers to always be innovative, push the status quo and to stay close to their business and spiritual mission. “The business needs to have a spiritual mission it shouldn’t be just money driven”.