Media and CSOs trained on 2019 draft estimates

Thursday, January 03, 2019

As part of efforts to strengthen fiscal transparency in The Gambia, International Republican Institute (IRI) has recently trained journalists and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) on the 2019 draft estimates.

Funded by the United State Embassy in Banjul, the training is part of series of activities under the “Enhancing fiscal transparency in The Gambia” project.

Robina Namusisi, IRI country director said they are working to build the capacity of stakeholders on budget including the National Assembly, finance ministry’s budget department, office of the Accountant General and national audit office. “We organise this training to build the capacity of stakeholders so that they will all understand their roles during the budget cycle.”

She said they are engaging the media and CSOs because they want to see a transparent budget which everyone can have easy access to. “The media is responsible for communicating what is in the budget to the citizens.”

He said they live the CSOs to advocate for their communities so that they know the priorities where their money is put in. 

Author: Njie Baldeh