Mbullum Ahmadiyya Muslim Senior, Upper Basic schools hold graduation

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Mbullum Ahmadiyya Muslim Senior Secondary school in North Bank Region’s Lower Nuimi District last Saturday held graduation and prize-giving ceremony for its grade 9 and 12 students who sat to The Gambia Basic Education Certification and West African Senior Secondary School Certification Examinations.

The graduation was attended by senior government officials from the ministry of Education, parents, teachers and school children.

Karamo Tourary, Principal of the schools said most of the graduates from grade 9 are expected to stay in the school to continue their senior school education for another three years while the grade 12 graduates are hoping to continue with their education pursue to higher level. “The journey you started is continuing because you have finished one level of your education and you are hoping to continue to another level.”

Lamin .B Faal, who spoke on behalf of the Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamant emphasised the importance of education, saying many philosophers, writers and thinkers have enlightened “us” in their various articles about the purpose of education.

He said although they might have presented different views, but they all unanimously agreed to the fact that education is for the attainment of good development, individual and social justice and the production of productive citizens who will make tomorrow a better one.

Mr. Faal said education is an eye opener for human race, adding that the reason why they are called human beings is the thinking.  He said the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) had admonished Muslims to acquire knowledge even if they have to travel as far as to China.

Guest speaker, one Mr. Marong said without education, man would have remained in a life of deprivation and disease.  He said education is the only way through which man arms himself with the necessary tools to solve societal problems and innovate, make and create new things and ideas for his benefit.

Author: Njie Baldeh