Mbullum Ahmadiyya holds 2019 graduation

Friday, July 05, 2019

Mbullum Ahmadiyya Muslim Upper and Senior Secondary school, last Saturday held their 2019 graduation and speech and prize giving ceremony at the school ground in Lower Niumi District, North Bank Region.

The colorful ceremony was attended by the school management committee members, VDC chairmen of surrounding villages, ex-students, parents and other guests. Deserving students from nursery to senior secondary school were rewarded with certificates and other prizes.

Principal of the school, Karamo Touray congratulated the graduates for their hard work that led to the success but expressed concern on issues affecting students’ education, such as watching movies and smart phones which take valuable time of their study period.

He said it is not bad for students to possess mobile phones if they will use them to enhance their education through research but said most of them use the mobile phone to chat with friends on social media. 

Mr. Touray said there are many factors that distract students’ focus from their studies and urged parents to take note of them and to take proper measures before it is too late.

Guest speaker Dr. Amadou Kanteh, CEO and founder of Giant Properties and enterprise limited said the various academic accolades the graduates will bag in this citadel of learning will go a long way in preparing them for the task of nation building.  “Nation building is not an easy task. It calls for concerted efforts by all,” he said.

Mr. Kanteh observed that Gambia’s education system should be relevant and infused with quality to be able to contribute adequately to national development, saying education is not an end in itself, but a means for personal development and meaningful contribution to national development.

“Education is the key to progress, development and self-actualisation,” he said, quoting an erudite scholar who was once quoted as saying that “education is the light that shines where there is darkness, and uplifts people from ignorance to build more prosperous societies.”

He said all the public sectors are in dire need of rejuvenation and with the graduates’ education, they can be of great service to the nation, given that they will be the future administrators, policy makers, economists and strategists.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb