Mayoral aspirant: Banjul needs to be rescued from sinking

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Adama Kelipha Halla Samba, a businessman in Banjul who intends to run for the forthcoming mayoral election in Banjul under the United Democratic Party’s (UDP) ticket has said that in view of the current dilapidated state of Banjul City Council (BCC), there is urgent need to rescue the city from further sinking to decadence.

“The forthcoming mayor elections requires the scrutiny and assessment of the ability and qualities of a mayor who will ensure the commencement of a radical change in the application of the appropriate measures to bring about the necessary urban development, enhancing significant visible signs of growth in all the sectors in Banjul City Council,” he said.

The ability to discharge the functions of the mayor with remarkable success in the achievement of development targets, he added, has always been a gigantic challenge to the former occupants of this honourable chair.

“It has therefore become evident that the future leadership of the council has to register commendable efforts in eliminating the various causes creating hindrance to progress but has to also engender focus on accountability and transparency,” he stated.

As a result of the various responsibilities emanating from the desire to overcome the task confronting urban development, he argued that the occupant of the office of the mayor must be seen to be one with recorded results of success in the handling of public affairs.

Mr. Samba said one of the reasons to join the contest is his belief that only the change of leadership with competence, progressive and dynamic approach can engender the required commitment to ensure a remarkable increase in productivity in all the sectors in the BCC.

“The Banjul City Council Mayoral Election is fast approaching. The debate to score the most and the best will certainly continue in order to enable voters make the right choice that will bring about the changes every Banjul dweller is looking forward to achieving with competent leadership,” he noted.

Mr. Samba is born in Banjul in 1951. From an early age, he began to cultivate interest in engaging community activities in promoting urban development.

Author: Momodou Jawo
Source: Picture: Adama Kelipha Halla Samba