Mayor Lowe allocates D10M to Banjul Women

Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Mayor of Banjul, Rohey Malick Lowe last week allocated 10 million dalasis to the women of the city of Banjul as part of fulfillment of a promise she made to them during her last electoral campaign that led to her victory.

The fund is designed for Rohey Malick Lowe Women and Girls Empowerment Initiative in cooperation with Guarantee Trust Bank. 25 women groups and girls in Banjul will directly benefit from the fund which will be given as loan to be paid back in three months.

The funding initiative will be conducted in a revolving process whereas first beneficiaries will give chance to other to also benefit before they can receive the loan for the second time.

During the launch of the committee overseeing the fund, at GT Bank in Banjul, Mayor Lowe said the fund is mainly for women in Banjul and has nothing to do with politics. “You must make best use of it and help yourselves which is the purpose.”

Adesina Adebesin, GT Bank Banjul branch manager said the initiative is truly a sacrifice for the good of all the people of Banjul and mankind. He said their bank is aware of the significant role that women play in the economic activities of the country.

Mr. Adebesin said they have a dedicated team that deals with small and medium enterprises, adding that they have various products and services that women and girls in Banjul are encourage to leverage.

Makumba Sanneh, chairman of the committee said Mayor Lowe made the promise and has now fulfilled it that shows that she is willing to help the women of Banjul. “We are witnessing the fulfillment of a promise the mayor made to the women and the fund is not from the government or any municipality but from Rohey Malick Lowe herself.” 

Author: Fatou Dem