Marina School resumes learning after standoff - says Marina Head Teacher

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Head teacher of Marina International School, Arthur Williams, has confirmed that the school resumes normalcy today after a short and unavoidable standoff.

He explained the matter that learned him to court, saying there was an order from the high court for him to appear in court for expelling a student, who drove dangerously in school.

Mr. Williams was speaking on Tuesday during an exclusive interview with The Point. In the past days, this particular news has been making waves on social media with many questioning as to the level of discipline in our schools.

He stated that he was surprised when they called him because he was unwilling to go to court, adding that he was very calm when they came to arrest him.

“I went to court and was then granted a bail.”

Though, he explained that the incident would not have any negative impact on student’s education and exams.

Marina head teacher, however, maintained that every child has a school code of conduct and it's clearly stipulated therein that only children who can bring cars are those who can drive. He said these are students at Form Six and are legally issued with a driving licence and a permit from the school.

He explained that anybody who didn’t fit in this category is not permitted to drive in school. “I assume that the country has rules as well, and I don’t think it is legal for somebody to drive age 13,” he said.

Williams indicated that his way forward is the safety and the well-being of the children; because that is the primary concern and paramount for the school board, so that they will have a conducive place for learning.

“I permanently expelled the student who drove the car dangerously in the school premises and anybody who does so will be treated the same,” he added.

Author: Pa Modou Cham