Many Brikama youth, women showed little interests in the election

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Many youths of Brikama have shown little interest towards the Local Government elections on Saturday May 12, 2018, by not voting as expected.

As reporter Pa Modou Cham embarked on a leg work in Brikama, some of these young people were seen playing football, with some claiming they have no interest in the elections.

Speaking in an interview with The Point, many of them outlined numerous reasons that made them show little interest in the Local Government elections. 

Papa Lamin Minteh, a resident of Brikama told The Point that he boycotted the elections because of government’s negligence on deportation. He said he would never vote for leaders who cannot defend his rights both nationally and internationally.

“Chairmanship has a vital role to play in our society and people are elected to run the daily activities of the administrative area, instead they will be there for their pockets, love family members by supporting them with the council’s money. Candidates believe that we should vote them in office and they become better than us, because they would promise and fail,” he argued.

Ansumaneh Beyai, a Brikama resident, also expressed dissatisfaction over politicians, saying leadership without development makes no sense.

“Gambians are not blind; we have been seeing what have been transpiring for the past years because some elected officials did collect our monies from the markets and vendors and we would never see any improvement.”

“I will not throw my vote because it is my right, but giving it to some candidates is just like throwing it; and throwing it means I throw my right.”

Fatoumatta Manneh also expressed similar sentiments. She said their sons abroad should be respected by Gambian government.

“I will vote in election if things are going well in our country by solving the need of young people and also bring the development we want.”

Author: Pa Modou Cham