Manslaughter trial set for adoption

Monday, October 30, 2017

The criminal trial involving one Ebrima Gagigo was recently adjourned by the presiding judge, Simeon A. Abi of the High Court in Basse to November sitting for adoption of briefs of arguments of the parties.

The accused is charged with manslaughter contrary to section 187 of the Criminal Code and punishable under section 189 of the code.

The prosecution alleged that the suspect the 16 May 2016, at Jarreng village in Central River Region, unlawfully caused the death of one Alagie Cham.

During the recent sitting, the prosecution led by State Counsel Lamin Jarju announced the closure of the prosecution’s case and the accused, Ebrima Gagigo, was called upon to open his defence.

In his testimony, the accused told the court that he hails from Niamina and recalled that on 16 May 2016, he went to Basskunda, where the deceased lives to visit a friend and upon arrival he found them drinking Alcohol and joined them.

The accused further told the court that they drank until after 2pm when they were served lunch by one Mariatou (PW1), noting that the deceased ate with them.

He said after having their lunch they continue drinking, adding that the deceased and himself were very drunk whilst PW1 (Mariatou) was laundering dirty clothes.

He intimated to the court that after a short while, the deceased went to Mariatou and requested that she give him his trouser that was already soaked in the wash basin.

The accused person said at this junction, Mariatou replied that she could not give the deceased the trouser that was already soaked inside the washing basin.

The accused said as soon Mariatou replied the deceased, he (deceased) took a stick and attempted to strike her but he tried to restrain him and so he gripped the deceased and they both fell down.

The accused said the deceased told him that he was drugged and he requested that he pour water on him, which he did.

He said they continued drinking till 5pm when the deceased complained that he had a headache and he (the accused) took out D5 and gave it to him to buy paracetamol and later left at about 6pm.

The accused person told the court that about 3am in the morning he saw police officers in his compound informing him that he was under arrest and taken to the station.

Responding to questions posed by state counsel L. Jarju, the suspect said they were very drunk on the day of the alleged incident and they fell down at the same time.

The accused told the court that PW1, Mariatou was present during his struggle and that she knows how they fell down even though they were drunk at the time.

He however admitted that the deceased fell down as a result of his grip.

The case continues till November sitting for adoption of brief.

Author: Bruce Asemota in Basse