Manding Association out to revive cultural heritage

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

The Executive Director of Raid The Gambia, Sambujang Conteh, has said that Manding Association has been set up particularly to regain or revive their cultural heritage to its former glory.

Mr Conteh, who was speaking at a press conference held recently at the RAID Gambia office in Banjul, stressed that the importance of cultural heritage should not be compromised in society.

He explained briefly about the formation of the association, saying it was formed by Gambians both in the Diaspora and in the country.

He said the objective of the Manding Association, which is non-political, non-religious and non-profit making, was to help promote the culture of peace and democracy among the members of Manding Association and The Gambia at large.

 It was also to encourage young people to participate fully in national development and support the government in its drive towards national development, as well as to promote an all inclusive participatory democratic governance system.

Mr Conteh, who spoke extensively about the importance attached to the association, said Manding society aims to bring people together to promote their culture and traditional values, nurture diversity of opinion and consolidate human relationship.

He also revealed that the association shall establish a scholarship trust fund for the educational advancement of its members.

According to Mr. Conteh, the membership shall be opened to all persons irrespective of gender, national origin, religious belief and ethnicity.

Regarding funding, he said the association shall raise funds through donation from the government, parastatals, embassies, UN bodies and other philanthropic organizations and individuals, as well as voluntary membership contribution.

Mr Conteh further said the Manding Association shall be governed by the general assembly, which shall elect the executive and the executive shall be responsible for the daily administration of the association.

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh